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“Pandemic Treaty” Will Hand WHO Keys To Global Government Kit Knightly

Suggested Clauses Would Incentivize Reporting “Pandemics”, And See Nations Punished For “Non-Compliance”
The first public hearings on the proposed “Pandemic Treaty” are closed, with the next round due to start in mid-June. We’ve been trying to keep this issue on our front page, entirely because the mainstream is so keen to ignore it and keep churning out partisan war porn and propaganda. When we – and others – linked to the public submissions page, there was such a response that the WHO’s website actually briefly crashed, or they pretended it crashed so people would stop sending them letters. Either way, it’s a win. Hopefully one we can replicate in the summer. Until then, the signs are that what scant press coverage there is, mostly across the metaphorical back-pages of the internet, will be focused on making the treaty “strong enough” and ensuring national governments can be “held accountable”.

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