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Snake Venom In The Water? Alex Newman Interviews Dr. Lee Merritt (16:10)

Snake Venom In The Water? Alex Newman Interviews Dr. Lee Merritt (16:10)
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4 Replies to “Snake Venom In The Water? Alex Newman Interviews Dr. Lee Merritt (16:10)

  1. Load of BS. Only snake venom is the health-care systems, snake oil from day one.
    These morons believe in viruses, that’s religion not science.

    1. Dr. Lee Merritt does not now believe in the “virus”. It takes a brave person to change their mind after being a doctor for decades.

      1. The definition of Intelligence is the capacity of adaptation. Bravo Dr Merritt!
        I believe that viruses are just around the corner… Instead of being “incoming pathogens” as Science labels them, they are cell by-products, consequences of actual (other) pathogens metabolized and then excreted by cells. Therefore they generate a light intoxication, and their name of origin in Latin suits them very well: “Venom”. Toxics to eliminate. Now we should search for the actual pathogens. They are not only waves. (frequencies)

  2. Dr Merritt,
    About Spike: I believe that the Spike generates cyto-adherence, just like PfEMP-1 protein from Plasmodium Falciparum (Malaria). This is what makes the red blood cells pile and stick together, reduce oxygen delivery (Hypoxia). Has anyone looked into this? Pr. Montagnier found a sequence of Malaria (and HIV) in the Spike.

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