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Resurrection Quotes by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Faith is a shield, stopping a host of lies.
With faith in the Resurrection, our soul flies.
The four Gospels of the New Testament have many fewer pages on the Resurrection of Our Lord than on His Passion, because the Passion was the purpose and climax of His Incarnation. “I have a baptism to be baptised with, and how I am constrained until it is accomplished” (Lk. XII, 50) – the words refer to His Passion without which there would have been no Resurrection. By His Passion He earned His victory over death, by His Resurrection He manifested that victory. By His Passion He overcame evil, and caused our salvation. By His Resurrection He showed forth the good He had earned for men, and fulfilled our salvation. Now, we fallen men will incline to avoid the suffering to get at its fruits, thus the Newchurch can replace on the Cross the suffering with the risen Christ, but the Gospels insist on the roots to ensure the fruits. Nevertheless here is a quote from each of the four Gospels on the Resurrection of Our Lord –

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