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The West Is Destroying Itself by Chuck Baldwin

America and Western Europe seem obsessed with the fear of Russia. Never mind that the combined military might of the U.S. and NATO literally dwarfs that of Russia, the West behaves as if Russia is about to conquer the world. No doubt, Russia is one of the world’s superpowers in terms of nuclear missiles; but if nuclear war is what frightens the West, why are they threatening Russia by surrounding the country with military bases and hypersonic missiles? Why is NATO inciting Russia by violating agreements to NOT encroach on Russia’s borders? Why do the U.S. and NATO conduct military war games on Russia’s doorsteps? One could get the idea that the West is trying to goad Russia into nuclear war.
With the U.S. surrounding Russia with bases and missiles, we have not forgotten that Russia is only 55 miles from Alaska, have we? America and Western Europe should be much more concerned about what they are doing to themselves than what Russia might do to them, because the West is destroying itself. As the famous cartoon strip character Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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One Reply to “The West Is Destroying Itself by Chuck Baldwin

  1. Russia has the hypersonics and will use them But Americas just going to drag the show out till about 18 months when they’re loaded with hypes too. By then Russia will be tired. If Russia doesn’t eliminate the enemy first they will need China India Brazil Mexico Nigeria Turkey Indonesia. ie BRICS and Mint as well as Iran and any other possible allies tbry can muster to stand a chance against rhe western alliances.

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