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Watch The Water: Stew Peters Interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis (56:59)

Watch The Water: Stew Peters Interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis (56:59)
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4 Replies to “Watch The Water: Stew Peters Interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis (56:59)

  1. Load of it He’s a chiropractor not an MD or virologist or anything like that And as if it’s not a con job to sell billions of dollars worth of bottled water. And if they’re actually sticking cobra venom into water it will be bottled. Not tap.

    1. Tell that to the Universities showing proof of venoms being in their research and studies of covid19. There are several in the US.
      It would also behoove you to research doctors running bloodwork on injured patients that are finding proteins consistently in sickened and injured patients diagnosed with covid19, and/or vaccinated and even in autopsies. This is now being researched globally. There is more to all of this. Unless you prefer to be a sheep, I suggest you research before discrediting those looking into all aspects with extensive expertise and background in the fields. This isnt something to be taken lightly.

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