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Tochka! Tochka! Tochka! by Good Citizen

For Z Children.
Another weekend, another false flag massacre by the Ukrainians, repeated by western corporate media propagandists to manufacture outrage for more weapons, more war, more dead Ukrainian civilians until Russia is bogged down in Ukraine forever and there are no Ukrainians even left to die for the western bloodthirsty empire. This might be the last one of these posts. It’s just so lazy, obvious, and pathetic now. They want us to believe that Russia wrote “for the children” on the side of a missile and intentionally launched it into a train station packed with women and children fleeing the city of Kramatorsk, in Eastern Ukraine near Donetsk?
That fits the exact M.O. of Russia since the start of the war. Move fast, carelessly, slaughter women and children in the east where ethnic Russians are, write slogans on missiles to make the bereaved angry, and hope they’ll one day forgive the Russian government when a referendum is held there to join Russia. Completely makes logical sense. There’s only one major problem with this story other than the laziness of the narrative, the writing on the side of the missile, and the entire western media propaganda complex screaming about how evil Russia and Putin are, and that is…drumroll please…the serial number on the missile that shows it’s probably Ukrainian and the fact that it was fired from territory still controlled by Ukrainian forces.

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One Reply to “Tochka! Tochka! Tochka! by Good Citizen

  1. Jews, stinking khazar Jews. It’s obvious who the perpetrators of these crimes are. Who else glorifies killing children or invented the human shield. The world needs to quit being slaves to these 90 IQ half-wit savages and start irradiating them. Pestilence in human form.

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