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Google Censorship! Now Your Private Email Is Under Threat! by William Bowles

This is the latest outrage inflicted on our right to access information and it goes one step further in the war on freedom of expression!
Previously, intercepts like the one below, only happened when you clicked on a link in your Browser but Google have taken censorship onto an entirely new level. Google now intercepts your PRIVATE EMAIL, allegedly to protect you against phishing and other online scams.
This is insidious censorship masquerading as protecting the user and it reveals the true nature of Google because it means that Google is not only scanning your PRIVATE EMAIL for ‘questionable’ links but of course, for ‘questionable’ content, which means Google is actually reading the contents of your formally, private Email!
Given the ubiquitous nature of Google’s role in ALL electronic communications, short of returning to actual, physical letters, I’m not sure what can be done about this outrage but at least let’s make the world aware that this kind of outrageous interception of our communications is going on. Frankly it’s the final nail in coffin of any kind of democratic control over communications.

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One Reply to “Google Censorship! Now Your Private Email Is Under Threat! by William Bowles

  1. The biggest outrage is the Internet being flooded with absolute b/s websites disguised as history or sociology or religion or biographies etc. Intentionally published utter crap deliberately to deceive the world. I’m going back to the library because the Internet wastes far too much time telling lies.

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