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You Seriously Believe The Same Media That Lied To You About Covid Is Now Telling You The Truth About Ukraine? by Chuck Baldwin

For over two years, the news media repeatedly lied to us about the phony Covid pandemic. Virtually everything it told us was a bald-faced lie. The accuracy of the PCR tests was a bald-faced lie. The need for social distancing was a bald-faced lie. The number of deaths due to Covid was a bald-faced lie. The need for masks was a bald-faced lie. The need to close schools and churches was a bald-faced lie. The need to shutter businesses was a bald-faced lie. The need for vaccinations was a bald-faced lie. The safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaccines was a bald-faced lie.
EVERYTHING we were told about Covid was a bald-faced lie! But now, the same people that were awakened to the Covid lies regurgitated by the mainstream media (MSM) have swallowed the media’s Ukraine narrative hook, line and sinker. Whenever I see the entire power establishment lining up in perfect agreement, all saying the exact same thing and repeating it non-stop over and over, I KNOW this is nothing but propaganda. Before I know the players, before I know the circumstances and events, I KNOW I’m hearing propaganda.

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