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The Enemies Of Liberty: Jews Anne Applebaum And David Axlerod (1:19)

The Enemies Of Liberty: Jews David Axlerod And Anne Applebaum (1:19)
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2 Replies to “The Enemies Of Liberty: Jews Anne Applebaum And David Axlerod (1:19)

  1. This video raises a valid point but instantly destroys whatever credibility
    it might have by embedding casual anti-semitic bigotry in the headline,

    “The Enemies of Liberty: Jews Anne Applebaum and David Axelrod,” as if to infer
    that the real enemies are Jews. Replacing that with Christians, Buddhists, Jains, etc.
    unveils the the stupidity of this and simplemindedness and automated bigotry of the
    loser headline writer.

    1. Dear Tom

      From your comment, you have a lot to learn about Jews.
      Lesson one: They assassinated President John F. Kennedy.
      Lesson two: They were the perpetrators of 911.

      Mark R. Elsis

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