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The Curious Butchers Of Bucha by Good Citizen

Examining accusations of Russian “War Crimes” and “Genocide”
Unconfirmed headlines based on Ukrainian government assertions hit the western sewer rag headlines and instantly the lies are blasted around the world and amplified on attention networks to the unquestioning useful dupes who perform their outrage and hysteria right on cue. The propaganda war is not the war, but the propaganda war is useful in shaping western policy responses and rallying the hysterical masses who will believe any media headlines they see.
Not a weekend has passed without completely fabricated and unconfirmed stories of Russian atrocities or war crimes against civilians. When confirmed video surfaces of Ukrainian soldiers torturing Russian prisoners of war by shooting them in the legs and breaking their bones, the western media conveniently ignore those inconvenient images that undermine the narratives that need pushing to manipulate the masses. The latest farce making the headlines across the west over the weekend is accusations of genocide in Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv, by retreating Russian forces. The western media picked up the images from the Ukrainian government’s propaganda artists and amplified them everywhere. Right on cue, western leaders are voicing their outrage.

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One Reply to “The Curious Butchers Of Bucha by Good Citizen

  1. Imagine the world today had we alternative sources of info before WW2. These Khazar Jews need exterminating.

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