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Get Them Young by Good Citizen

There are many forms of child abuse beyond the physical or psychological abuse of a parent or guardian to a child. This might be considered ‘old school’ child abuse and is still prevalent and pernicious.
The idea that children need protection from harmful and abusive parents by the state still holds. However, over the last decade, this has become inverted by ideologues who believe they know better than parents how to raise their children.
For years now children have become victims of a new form of child abuse that’s rooted in completely made-up academic disciplines related to critical theories. The most well-known has become critical race theory (CRT) which teaches a warped and racist view of race relations based on bloodguilt and the historical crimes of one race for which descendants of the same race must atone for the sins of their ancestors. Teaching children that the color of their skin is paramount and to view the social relations with their peers based on oppression and privilege is nothing short of blatant child abuse. To do the same with radical gender or queer theories with young children is blatant grooming.
We often think of grooming in those ‘old school’ terms as physical contact or sexual abuse by monsters. The vast majority of grooming is psychologically driven. Making children confused about complicated and private subjects like gender and sexuality, particularly without the consent of parents, is an insidious new practice that educators believe is their duty and responsibility.
There are monsters everywhere in society, many with criminal records and registered on sex offender lists whom you wouldn’t let your children near and yet in school classrooms across the U.S. (this is mostly an American phenomenon, though Britain and her commonwealths are trying to keep pace) parents allow their children to spend 6-8 hours each day with activist monsters who prey upon their vulnerable children, confusing them about sexuality and gender, and this being the age of epidemic narcissism, often sharing far too much information about themselves and their own sexuality and gender confusion with children as young as three.

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