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Teachers Were Secretly Giving Pre-Teen Students Puberty Blockers Behind Parents’ Backs by Matt Vespa

Out of control. This is simply getting out of control. Again, I’m not a culture warrior. These were never issues that got me animated, but now it looks like we all must fix bayonets and skewer the freaks who are turning our places of learning into dens of sexual deviancy. This isn’t about LGBT folks. I don’t care about them. This is 2022-if you’re part of that community-good for you. It’s no longer a shocking detail or taboo. Younger conservatives don’t care either-the shock value is gone. This is about ending this grooming bit in our schools and the brainwashing that goes along with it.
No one knows that they’re pansexual, transgender, or gender fluid in their pre-teens. This is nonsense. It’s science fiction. Those who do are being subjected to child abuse. They’re being buttered up for something, which I will not go into here. You can use Google for your own research purposes here. Teachers are targeting children 10 years of age and younger to start trans clubs. They’re also being given puberty blockers in secret behind their parents’ backs. A school nurse in Connecticut revealed this covert puberty blocker/ transgender operation at her school-and got suspended for it.

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