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The War For Young Minds by Techno Fog

And the LGBTQIA+ agenda for kindergarteners
The failure to appreciate danger, or the refusal to take seriously the promises of the adversary, are often the result of a deficiency of imagination. We look in shock at the indoctrination – and resulting sexualization – of the young, surprised that a secular progressive movement would go after the softest of minds. We fail to predict the application of evil because we cannot imagine such evil in ourselves. After all, who amongst us would teach students that the family unit is racist and prejudicial, or that religion is homophobic? Or instruct 5 – 7 year olds on “gender identity?” Or provide rainbow flags and buttons to 3rd graders (and instruct those students they must not tell their parents about what was discussed during school pride week)? Or force kids to attend a school-wide pride parade?

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