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War – II by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Millions of souls’ suspended animation
Begs of you, Francis – DO that Consecration!
These media are not at all impartial in this clash between Russia and the Ukraine, which they have been deliberately provoking ever since 2014, when Victoria Nuland. from and for the USA, engineered the downfall of the democratically elected President of the Ukraine, because he was not favourable enough to the New World Order. These media lie and lie and lie. Throw the television out of your home, read the newspapers with your fingers, and wash your fingers afterwards!
In fact, truth has always been one of the first casualties in any war between men, and if we love the truth, then we must beware of our passions running away with us. It is all too natural for me to love my own country, indeed I am commanded to do so by the Fourth Commandment, because my fellow-countrymen have given me so much, with my parents, since my birth, for me to be who and what I am today, so that I owe my country a debt of service and gratitude. However, “My country, right or wrong,” is an error of the emotions easy to slip into. It is God who tells what is right and wrong, not my country. I must not so forget or betray God as to put my country above Him. That is what England did at the Reformation, with disastrous results for the English people ever since. How many souls eternally lost for sheer lack of knowledge or care for the Catholic Faith! King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I may have made themselves popular, but the real friends of the English people were the English martyrs who put God before country, and gave their lives for the Faith to be preserved in England. They will not be forgotten.

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