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Ukraine: Behind The Wall Of Propaganda by James Perloff

It happened almost overnight. After two years of COVID dominating the world’s headlines, Ukraine seamlessly took center stage. Like most Americans, I am not an “expert” on Ukraine. But enough information has accumulated to form some conclusions based on a “preponderance of evidence.” The scenario has been depicted in mainstream media as nothing more than an “unprovoked” invasion by Russia. Furthermore, it was a David vs. Goliad match, and nearly everyone loves to root for the underdog. Putin was a Hitler, a mad dog bent on world conquest; Ukraine would only be his first ambition.
Since the CIA-backed coup of 2014, which overthrew the legitimately elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych (who had refused loans from the IMF), the Ukrainian government has been a puppet of the West. Russia’s intervention in Ukraine was justified on several premises: When the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, it was assured that NATO would not move further East. But NATO repeatedly broke its promise. Ukraine is now a NATO partner, and was scheduled to become a full NATO member. Since Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had requested nuclear weapons, this represented a security threat to Russia on its immediate border. As now admitted by the U.S., some 30 U.S. biolabs were operating in Ukraine, many working on dangerous pathogens, representing a further threat to Russian security. Ukrainian forces were committing atrocities against civilians in Eastern Ukraine, especially ethnic Russians, and the territory of Donbass had formally requested assistance from Russia.

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2 Replies to “Ukraine: Behind The Wall Of Propaganda by James Perloff

  1. Right on everything except Ukraine as a NATO partner and it was never scheduled to be a member. Ukraine is being used as Poland was used against Hitler and had we not the internet the world would fall for it again..Hitler and Germany’s ONLY crime was banning usury and jailing Rothschild…All atrocities in WW@ were by us the Allies and boy are there a lot of atrocities committed and omitted by history.
    Hitler was the greatest leader of the millennium and got shafted by the Jewish publishers and media who made heroes of cretins and madmen of moral men.

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