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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Responds To Critics Of His Positions Regarding Covid Tyranny And Ukraine by Joe Hoft

Archbishop Vigano provided us his response to recent accusations by those who don’t like what he is courageously saying about COVID and Ukraine.
It seems simplistic to dismiss everything with the accusation of “conspiracy theory” against those who denounce the plots instead of those who plot them, especially when the conspiracy is admitted by its own architects, starting with Soros’ involvement in the Euromaidan color revolution. But if we see that a member of Pravij Sektor, Serhiy Dybynyn, was immortalized during the farce of the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 (here and here), the idea that something is not exactly as they tell us starts to dawn even on people less inclined to “connect the dots.”
Of course it is very strange that, in the face of a series of facts agreed on both by doctors and scientists (with regard to criticism of the experimental serum) and by political scientists and experts in international strategy (with regard to the present Russian-Ukrainian crisis), these two friends and colleagues – De Mattei and Weigel – are undertaking a joint action against me, not because of what I say – they are careful not to refute anything I have said by debating the facts or producing clear evidence – but simply deciding ex cathedra that since I do not share their positions on the pandemic or the Ukrainian conflict, I must be silenced without appeal, because of an alleged duty of respect towards “their” truth.

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2 Replies to “Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Responds To Critics Of His Positions Regarding Covid Tyranny And Ukraine by Joe Hoft

  1. In our efforts toward a continued ‘breakout’ with the Schiller Institute conference this coming Thursday, the 26th of May, I’ll send you the link to the interview done by Garland Nixon with Ray McGovern and Scott Ritter recently. Another participant in the conference, along with European military and intelligence personalities, will be Ret. Col. Richard Black.

    I include as well a link to Executive Intelligence Review.

    Sign up on the Schiller Institute site for the special press conference on Thursday, May 26th at 11 am Eastern / 10 am Central time.
    Ron Bettag
    The LaRouche Organization
    Houston, TX

    1. Dear Ron Bettag

      I look forward to listening to, and perhaps publishing this conference.

      Love Is The Answer
      Mark R. Elsis

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