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March 25: “The Central Turning-Point Around Which All Time And Space Revolves” by Michael Hoffman

We often hear the term “medieval mind” employed as a calumny by the enthusiasts of modernist change-for-the-sake-of-change, and devotees of scientism (as distinguished from science; note the difference). Some Protestants are also guilty of imagining that the “medieval mind” connotes a woeful ignorance of Holy Scripture and an inclination toward superstition, which may have been true in its fading years, but not at its height, and it is to that promontory that we draw your attention.
The Middle Ages was an epoch that spanned the 900s to the early 1400s and across those five centuries there was much that was altered (think of the degree to which America has changed in less than half that time, 1776 to 2022). The early medieval period was fiercely opposed to the Money Power as personified by the example of Saints Edward the Confessor, Francis of Assisi, Anthony of Padua, and the lay poet Dante Alighieri. The Bible was the central chart of spiritual navigation and daily life; the latter with an impact we can scarcely imagine today, in part because we have lost the sense of the pageantry of “the holy days,” wherein we awaken ourselves to a perennial reality.

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