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Israel Advocates Pass New Definition Of AntiSemitism At 15 More U.S. Colleges by Alison Weir

Now at least 30 American campuses have adopted a newly manufactured definition of antisemitism that focuses on Israel.
In a triumph of Orwellian newspeak, over the past academic year Israel advocates at 15 American colleges succeeded in pushing through a newly created definition of ‘antisemitism’ that focuses on Israel. The formulation for the new definition – known as the IHRA definition – originated with an Israeli official in 2004 and has been promoted worldwide ever since. As an Israel advocate writes, the IHRA definition is “the only definition which includes anti-Zionism within it.” Anti-Zionism is a highly diverse movement that supports Palestinian rights and opposes Israel’s ethno-religious discriminatory system, which is widely considered a form of apartheid. The normal, traditional definition of antisemitism is simply “hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.” According to the American Jewish Committee,* the definition has now been endorsed by at least 30 American colleges and universities.

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