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COVID-19 – A Biological Weapon Targeting Ethnicity And Body Systems by Larry Romanoff

And this, based on circumstantial evidence alone, had to have been a Jewish program. The most damning evidence is the one that is most obvious – the mass media which worldwide is almost entirely controlled by Jews. The entire Western media and also in much of the rest of the world, were all onside, pushing precisely the same agenda, with the same daily floods of doomsday news, of magnificent falsehoods, tales of death and depression everywhere, with intense psychological manipulation for which these people are famous, and the intense push to manipulate everyone to accept the spike injections. There is no Gentile organisation anywhere with the power to assemble and energise the Jewish media as a group to do anything, and certainly nothing of this scale. Logic alone tells us this had to be a Jewish agenda. There is no other possibility that fits all the facts. And of course, Pfizer and Moderna, both Jewish companies, were in the forefront of the injection schemes. Gilead is another, with its Remdesivir.

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One Reply to “COVID-19 – A Biological Weapon Targeting Ethnicity And Body Systems by Larry Romanoff

  1. Namestealers/Kazharians/Dracos,take your pick.current dramas have Many layers which essentially boil down to one:Light and Good vs. Dark and Evil. Service to Others/G.d vs. Service to Self.Targetted genocide isn’t new,just some of the technology and Technics used to carry it Experimental Gene Decode Ingersoll Lockwood Druze Bloodline Guardians and Gatekeepers Asayana Dean books Prey and Andromeda Strain books Ex Machina movie Monsters,Inc. SoulLess movie total recall movie Dr. Drown dr.vliet Dr. Sircus violet light healing-1930’s story of essiac tea alkaline diet orgone device solfeggio frequencies homeopathy nebulizers grounding.Many healing r.feller involved.operation Lockstep details events Kim goguen synths clones interdimrnsional things-exircism!!!

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