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War Declared – I by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

The whole world needs the Consecration of Russia,
‘Twill into an age of peace and piety, usher.
And so between Russia and the Ukraine war has broken out. Already of course a number of more or less godless commentators are pouring out a stream of more or less well-informed political and strategic comments, but what followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ need to have is a view of events from the standpoint of Almighty God, because He alone can have allowed the warring parties to reach this point. What follows is an attempt – far from infallible – to give the briefest idea of what He may have had in mind when He allowed this war finally to break out.
When God freely created the world, the prime purpose of His generosity was to populate His created Heaven with creatures capable of sharing in His own infinite bliss. Among the variety of creatures in the world that He chose – angels, men, animal, vegetable, mineral – two alone He endowed with the free-will necessary for them to share that bliss. The angels, being immaterial, used or misused their free-will immediately after their creation to decide freely whether they wanted to share that bliss or not. They had no material body, as men have, to make their decision go backwards and forwards, and so from that first moment of their existence they sealed their eternal fate.

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