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The Legal Right To Refuse Medical Treatment In The U.S.A. by Toby Rogers

Ronald B. Standler, Esq. has produced an extraordinary resource that summarizes key legal precedents.
I want to draw your attention to an extraordinary legal resource that I just discovered (hat tip to the brilliant @blueivyrose_ on Instagram). It’s a document prepared by Massachusetts lawyer Ronald B. Standler titled Legal Right to Refuse Medical Treatment in the U.S.A. It summarizes all of the key court cases (up until 2012 when it was published) that establish the legal right to refuse medical treatment. He writes, This essay discusses the history of judicial opinions that hold a mentally competent adult patient has the legal right in the USA to refuse continuing medical treatment for any reason, even if that refusal will hasten his/her death.
Were it not for the fact that Pharma pumps billions of dollars into our political and regulatory system every year we would not even be having this conversation because the courts have been clear at least since World War II that bodily autonomy is sacrosanct and that all medical decisions reside with the individual — not the state, not doctors, and not the public health system. All decent and sane people must reject eugenics and reject Pharma junk science and return to the bedrock legal principles of individual autonomy and personal sovereignty.

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2 Replies to “The Legal Right To Refuse Medical Treatment In The U.S.A. by Toby Rogers

  1. Each state in the USA has a health directive law, when you fill it out give a copy to your healthcare provider to specify no vaccines etc. and the issue is closed as it takes precedence over every decision anyone can make. Do this for your children and they are protected. You can edit ant of them provided to fit your needs or write your own from scratch but just have it notarized then it is a legal document that can be admitted in court and will also stand up in court. You are then in control of your own healthcare decisions for yourself and your family.

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