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Putin Sends A Message by Mark Wauck

Vladimir Putin has led Russia for more than 20 years. He has taken a prostrate Russia, raised it to its feet again, and restored its self respect. Putin’s Russia paid off its debts—imagine the US attempting that feat!—as well as paying off the debts of the former Soviet republics, including Ukraine. Through all that time he repeatedly reached out a hand of friendship to the countries that had looted and pillaged Russia. He provided valuable base-use to the US as it began its war on the Taliban. That hand was slapped away and Putin’s voice was ignored. If you watched the Oliver Stone interview with Putin, you saw the video clip of Putin addressing world leaders in Munich (in about 2008) and you saw John McCain near the front—openly laughing at Putin as Putin warned against the cultural imperialism of the Woke West, attempting to impose its amorality on other countries.
In 2018 Russia showcased its new armaments—including nuclear capable hypersonic missiles that can not be stopped by our defenses and can be deployed on submarines. Then president Trump had begun his presidency vowing to establish a constructive, cooperative relationship with Russia, but Trump was boxed in by the DC Establishment and Deep State—recall Ukrainian Aleksandr Vindman and the interagency consensus overruling Trump?—and ended up allowing the Deep State to follow an ever more provocative and aggressive policy toward Russia, using Ukraine as a proxy for their war on Russia. That was when Putin announced that he’d finally had enough—You wouldn’t listen before; now you will listen, he said, after the missiles were announced.

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