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Jim Rogers: Only A Matter Of Time Before China Takes Taiwan, Markets Due For Landslide Crash by Kitco News (Text and Video)

The markets, in particular equities, are still due for one more push upward before the bull rally ends for good, according to investor, and best-selling author Jim Rogers. Rogers told Michelle Makori, Editor-In-Chief of Kitco News that markets are currently pricing in an eventual de-escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.
“Let’s say that it does calm down. I would suspect that markets, stock markets especially, would go through the roof because then people would [breathe] a sigh of relief and central banks are not going to be as aggressive in raising interest rates as they were three months ago, and so, markets will go through the roof. We’ll have one huge rally, probably the last rally. This has been going on since 2009, so that would probably be the last rally, it’d be a wonderful rally. And, if it happens, I hope I was smart enough to sell that rally. I have not been selling yet,” he said.

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