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The Silent War Economic Front by Good Citizen (Text and Video)

Central Banks as weapons of mass destruction. CBDCs & the intentional destruction of main street and the middle class for a new feudal system.
For those who believe Russia is being used to usher in CBDCs, and this war and Russian isolation is a plan to accelerate that, Sweden, Norway, Britain, EU and US central banks have already been working on their own CBDCs for years in secret and now publicly. They don’t need Russia to force anything. They won’t need court orders or emergency suspensions of civil liberties to seize bank accounts of protestors with CBDCs. They can just turn them off for certain citizens remotely and prevent dissidents from buying groceries or $12/gallon gas. They can be programmed so that you buy only what the government says you can buy, all based on your behavior and standing within society. More on all this in a piece later today or tomorrow.The economic front of the Silent War is about to get very painful for billions around the world. This is all by design. Destroy the old to usher in the new.
by Good Citizen

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