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Federal Reserve – I by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

‘Twixt Mammon and God, said Jesus, we must choose.
Bankers choose Mammon. God they have to lose.
“Know your enemy,” says the old saying. Indeed, how else can one win a war? Now whether they like it or not, Catholics are in the front line of the relentless war between God and the Devil for the eternal salvation or damnation of immortal souls. But in this war, money is a prime instrument of the Devil for the seduction and corruption of men. Let Catholics profit from this brief history of the USA’s central bank up to 1913: “L’emprise de l’oligarchie bancaire sur les USA” by J.P. le Perlier (
The American War of Independence was not about tea tariffs. It was a war of independence against the stateless bankers who ruled in London and intended to dominate and ransom the American colony in the same way. So the bankers had the English Parliament pass a law obliging the colonists to replace their freely issued money with loans from the banks at interest. “In one year”, said Benjamin Franklin, “the era of prosperity was replaced by such a depression that the streets of the colony were filled with the unemployed.” This led to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and the resulting war.

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