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WHO Moving Foward On Global Vaccine Passport Program by Kit Knightly

Tech Giants And US Gov’t Co-Operate On “SMART Health Cards”, And Their Use Is Spreading Across The UA…And Maybe The World.
Countries all over the world are totally scrubbing their Covid measures, mask mandates and social distancing rules. The CDC has changed their guidance on vaccine doses, and said people don’t need to wear masks anymore. Boris has done the same, and (some) of the UK’s emergency powers are going to expire soon. It seems like Covid is over, and the good guys won, right? Well, not exactly. The pandemic narrative may be fading away, but certainly not without a trace. Covid might be dying, but vaccine passports are still very much alive. This week, while the eyes of the world are fixed on Ukraine and the next wave of propaganda, the World Health Organization is launching an initiative to create a “trust network” on vaccination and international travel.

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