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Is The Ukraine About A Financial Collapse? by Anthony Migchels

The traitor Zelensky, who brought Putin’s invasion on the Ukrainians with his insane stance, serving only Washington DC. Either a terrible crash, or a humongous bailout is around the corner. Liquidity in the markets is lower than it was in March 2020, when the S&P tanked 30%. The Petrodollar is in its death throes, the SWIFT sanctions of Russia will hurt the Dollar more than the Russian Empire, and it’s looking like the current Ukraine Crisis has been created to sell the coming crash, just as the Lockdown and ‘covid’ served primarily to sell the crash cum bailout and money printing in March 2020. The Lockdown was aimed against popular resistance against the massive bailout, necessary to prevent an immediate debt crisis, and there can be no doubt that the current drying up liquidity and the Ukraine crisis are not happening simultaneously ‘by accident’ either. What is coming is not ‘a recession’, not ‘a depression’, but the Greatest Depression.

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