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If It Can Happen In Canada, It Can Happen Here by Gary D. Barnett

“Constitutions become the ultimate tyranny,” Paul said. “They’re organized power on such a scale as to be overwhelming. The constitution is social power mobilized and it has no conscience. It can crush the highest and the lowest, removing all dignity and individuality. It has an unstable balance point and no limitations.” Frank Herbert, Dune Messiah What is going on in Canada is atrocious. I am not just talking about the treatment of the “truckers” or ‘protest.’ I am not just talking about the ‘state’s ‘laws,’ and I am not talking about any government document claimed to be a protector of the people, when in fact it is always the opposite. I am talking about the extreme tyranny present in Canada at this time, that can and will be here in the U.S. soon unless mass dissent is forthcoming. Trudeau is certainly an evil monster, but then so are most all politicians, or any who choose to rule over other men, regardless of the governing process in place. There is no such thing as freedom by government ‘contract;’ there is only freedom if the individual takes it, protects it, holds it, and lives it. Governing systems are meant to first reduce, and then eliminate all freedom, and no constitution is worth the paper on which it is written. It is simply a document created by politicians in order to fool the people into believing that rights have something to do with governments protecting those rights for the very people that are subject to that same government’s rules and laws. This is an impossible contradiction, but nonetheless, belief in this nonsense has fooled Americans, and many others throughout history. Many still cling to the stupidity that somehow the rights of man can be listed on a meaningless governing document called a ‘contract;’ one enforced by the state in question, when not one citizen signed or agreed with its content. This is the essence of an ignorant society easily fooled into accepting slavery.

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