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US Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Case Concerning Religious Exemptions From Covid Jab Mandates by Ashley Sadler

The group of healthcare workers in Maine who are challenging the state’s mandate argued that requiring the jabs without offering a religious exemption violates the Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to consider a case put forward by healthcare professionals in Maine who argue their state’s COVID jab mandate “explicitly discriminates against religious exemptions,” signaling a willingness by the Court to uphold coercive jab requirements in spite of religious objections. The Supreme Court’s decision comes after it had previously rejected an emergency request to block the mandate last year, and leaves in place an appeals court ruling upholding the sweeping mandate.

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One Reply to “US Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Case Concerning Religious Exemptions From Covid Jab Mandates by Ashley Sadler

  1. Mandates r diktats proclaimed by Mason honchos=Not Law!!!Constitution Article18:code:241 wherein it i s Illegal for 2 or more Entities to Conspire to intentionally and Illegally Deprive American citizens of their Constitutional Rights and Freedoms!!!!!This entire plandemic Fraud fits this description.Sue them all for Everything from Govt. Sunshine laws violations and Foia violations to Rico and Constitutional Conspiracy.Unequal protection,Freedom of Assembly,Freedom of Speech,4th Amendment violations to our secure cars,possessions,self.The Logan Act been violated Nationwide.Wire/mail fraud.Breach of Contract.Deceptive Practices on the part of genocidal hospitals,nursinghomes,dr.s due to flagrant and repeated portrayal as healthCare and Supporting human healing process but they medically kidnap,lie,hide truth,actively murder people by various means then lie some more claiming their actions didnt or couldnt contribute to or cause death and disability.Sue them for malpractice and fraud.They fraudulently portray themselves as Health Care and Healers but are active murderers.Medical neglect. Scotus needs to be impeached and Gitmoed or sent to clone rehab.These plaintiffs need to also take Maine Governor and Health Dept. To court for all this and more and Compell them to Prove Existence of covd so called virus.Never been done yet so lets see them Objectively legitimately verifiably do this.If not,they prove that all is null and void and based upon Fraud and Deception=multilevel win for all.Then sue for had interview with microbiologist who worked for topsecret bioweapon research depts.said bioweapons/virus are traceable to creator and lab as creator usually puts signature or identifier in creation,often in the basepairs of dna snippet.keep

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