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Russian Options In The LDNR – My Personal Take by Andrei “The Saker”

Okay, this will be a short bulletpoint reminder of how I see the Russian position and options in response to the Ukronazis attack. First, a few key assumptions: Russia does not want to invade/liberate the Ukraine. Russia would prefer not to get openly involved in the LDNR. The best outcome for Russia would be for the LDNR to be able to hold without overt Russian support. Throughout this entire battle, Russia will always prefer to do less than to do more. Next, here is a summary of how I expect Russia to act in the next couple of days. Lastly, there is something morally repugnant in the attitude of those who see warfare as anything but the weapon of last resort. Christ said “blessed are the peacemakers” not “blessed are the warmakers”. Yes, as I said, I believe that Russia will have to intervene, openly and directly. But I also believe that Putin will wait as much as possible. That is not only operationally wise, it is morally correct.

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