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Heart Threat To Young Men Is Now Undeniable, But Vaccinations Continue by Kathy Gyngell

It gives me no pleasure to be the fortnightly bearer of bad tidings. It gives me even less pleasure to know that TCW Defending Freedom has been the only media outlet since last July to have regularly published MHRA Yellow Card reports – the records of adverse effects from the Covid vaccines. We commission a detailed and professional analysis of the data each time, so that we can properly track the consequences of the jabs – including the rising list of fatalities – and freely pass on the information to our readers. We believe it remains vital that we keep the data accessible in the public domain, with the details that most people would neither be able to find or calculate on their own. The Yellow Card headlines this week are that deaths have topped 2,000 and now stand at 2,010. The percentage of reactions to injections stands at one in 118, up from the one in 123 recorded before Christmas. Reported cases of myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation) are significantly up again, now at 1,941. This compares with 1,362 reported by the beginning of December.

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