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Here’s What Happened When Another Idiot Provoked A War 800 Years Ago by Simon Black

As I write these words to you right now, the US State Department seems hellbent on deliberately provoking a completely unnecessary conflict with Russia. Public Health officials continue to wreck havoc on everything from the economy to childhood development to people’s mental health. And of course we have politicians who feel entitled to tell us what to wear on our faces, what chemicals to put in our bodies, what we’re allowed to say, and who we’re allowed to donate money to. They force-feed our children an ultra-woke, Marxist curriculum in school, and then tell parents that we have no business influencing the education of our own kids. These people are liars and cowards; they are incapable of telling the truth, treating people with dignity, or facing up to the consequences of their actions. The threats they’ve created are very real. They’ve managed to push inflation to a 40+ year high. They’ve spent so much money that the US national debt recently surpassed THIRTY TRILLION dollars. They abandoned hundreds of billions of dollars of military equipment to their sworn enemy in Afghanistan, then disgracefully turned their backs on their friends and allies. They’ve vanquished the real economy, i.e. the actual production of goods and services by hardworking people and small businesses. They’ve corrupted the education system. Then there’s the looming Social Security catastrophe.

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