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Depopulation For Dummies by Hewitt E. Moore

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, conspiracy theories have been the talk of the internet. One of the most interesting phenomena regarding the pandemic has been witnessing conspiracy theories evolve into “science,” and vice versa. Mass confusion became so rampant that the establishment’s Department of Propaganda (i.e., Big Tech) was forced to step in and become the arbitrators of truth, establishing a non-negotiable narrative that silenced all dissenters. This resulted in an Orwellian-style censorship campaign used to combat COVID “misinformation,” which consequently divided the public into two camps: conformists and non-conformists. Those who weren’t devout disciples of authoritarianism came to realize that this oppressive suppression of speech wasn’t actually about “misinformation,” rather it was about control of the narrative. Anyone could post all the “misinformation” they desired as long at it acted as a representative of the state’s narrative. However, even renowned experts and their empirical data have been collectively censored for simply challenging the science. Those who boastfully tout “Science!” seem to have forgotten what makes science an acceptable doctrine of truth. Science is the acquisition of knowledge due to rigorous skepticism via the scientific method. Science and censorship are compatible only in the sense that science will act as its own censor when challenged. In layman’s terms: if the truth isn’t challengable, then it’s probably not the truth.

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