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3,573 Fetal Deaths In VAERS Following COVID-19 Vaccines – 1,867% Increase Over Non-COVID Vaccines by Brian Shilhavy

The most recent update of the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database shows that there have now been 3,573 fetal deaths following COVID-19 vaccines. Using the exact same search parameters for all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30+ years before the COVID-19 vaccines were given emergency use authorization in December of 2020, we find 2,519 fetal deaths, the vast majority of which followed vaccines produced by Merck. Here are the yearly averages: 82 fetal deaths per year following non-COVID vaccines – 3063 fetal deaths per year following COVID-19 vaccines. To get a more accurate percentage of how many more fetal deaths are following the COVID-19 vaccines than all other FDA approved vaccines, we have to also factor in the number of doses administered. The U.S. Government’s Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) complies data on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and a report that they published on 12/01/2021 shows that there were over 4 billion (4,092,757,049) doses of vaccines administered in the United States between 1/01/2006 through 12/31/2019, a year before the COVID-19 vaccines were given emergency use authorizations. Using that date range I repeated the exact same search for fetal deaths recorded in VAERS during that time, and VAERS reports 1,369 deaths from among those 4 billion+ doses administered between 1/01/2006 through 12/31/2019. The CDC reported this past week that there have been 543 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered as of February 3, 2022. So from 2006 through 2019, there was 1 fetal death recorded in VAERS for every 2,989,596 doses of vaccines administered. >From December, 2020 through February 4, 2022, there has been 1 fetal death recorded in VAERS for ever 151,973 doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered. That’s a 1,867% increase of fetal deaths recorded in VAERS following COVID-19 vaccines. I’ve run out of superlatives to use in the English language to describe this. Here are two recent stories from young mothers who lost their unborn babies just after receiving a second COVID-19 vaccine. Perhaps their words and their experiences, which obviously represent, at least, many thousands of others, can better communicate just how truly horrible this is.

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