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On The Coming Cellphone Retrenchment And Its Role In The Great Reset by Brother Alexis Bugnolo

No one I know of is reporting on the next big change in daily social media culture, which will take place in the next 2-3 years: the 5G retrenchment. Yes, I said, retrenchement, not rollout. Because while it is true that 5G is being rolled out in the developed world, simultaneously, because of the haste of the Globalist project, the Globalists through the Rothschild Banks are forcing cellphone companies to end Internet access thorough 2G and 3 G and soon even 4G networks. This will cutoff access to social media for nearly everyone in the country side. And thus will cut nearly all opposition leaders, who have fled the 5G zones, out of the sources of information they use to support the Resistance, thus giving globalist puppets like Draghi, Macron and Trudeau, a 12-24 hour tactical advantage on all new attacks on humanity in their nations. Nearly 60% of all internet users in Europe rely on their cellphones to do so. Many apps only work on cellphones. It is not clear to me, how many work on WIFI networks.

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