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Abp. Viganò: Christ The King Has Been ‘Dethroned’ Not Only ‘From Society But Also From The Church’ by Maike Hickson

This attack was consummated with the renunciation by the Papacy of the very concept of this vicarious Kingship of the Roman Pontiff, thereby bringing into the very heart of the Church the demands for democracy and parliamentarianism which had already been used to undermine nations and the authority of rulers. The Second Vatican Council greatly weakened the papal monarchy as a consequence of the implicit denial of the Divine Kingship of the Eternal High Priest, and by doing so inflicted a masterful blow against the institution which until then had stood as a wall of defense against the secularization of Christian society. By weakening the “sovereignty of the Vicar,” the “sovereign rights of Christ over His Mystical Body” were weakened. Here, Archbishop Viganò refers to an important and symbolic act by Pope Paul VI on November 13, 1964, when the Pope removed his papal crown from his head and placed it on the altar, in front of 2,000 bishops. As an Aleteia article states: “Following a Mass, attended by 2,000 bishops, the pope rose from his chair and solemnly placed his tiara on the altar. According to news accounts at the time, Pope Paul VI was said to have been moved to make the gesture by discussions of world poverty during meetings of the Ecumenical Council Vatican II.”

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