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Wrong Lead – I by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

SG, forget distractions, go to the roots –
What IS the “vaccine,” and, what are its FRUITS.
At the Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition held in the USA on December 11, 2021, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X (SG for short) took official position on two different Covid questions, both controversial but in fact quite distinct. Firstly in a brief speech he gave three arguments to justify why the Society is not taking a public position for or against the so-called Covid “vaccines.” And secondly in Question Time he gave three comparisons to help explain why the Society tells Catholics that they may accept to be inoculated with these “vaccines.” Both his arguments and his comparisons deserve examination, but note that the SG has more than once been quoted favourably in these “Comments.” The problem is absolutely not personal in any way. See:

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
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