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NSA Reports For 5th Consecutive Year The Intelligence Agency Has Extracted Unlawful Electronic Data Without Warrants by Sundance

At this point in our nation’s history, certain acceptances are needed in order to accurately identify the current status of our situation. The Legislative Branch (SSCI) created the Intelligence State, the Fourth Branch of superseding government. The Executive Branch (FBI, DOJ, NSA) control the Fourth Branch of superseding government. The Judicial Branch (FISA Court) is the facilitating approval apparatus for the Fourth Branch. With that empirical and well documented reality in place, all three branches of U.S. government work in unison. Who or what can intervene to stop the Fourth Branch of government from operating unilaterally? This is the serious question that no one ever discusses. The FISA Court is the private, secret, unchecked judicial system authorizing the power for the Intelligence State. As a result, we continue to see NSA reports showing the unconstitutional surveillance of the American people continuing without consequence [NSA Release Here]. This is the 5th straight year where the National Security Agency (NSA) produces a document admitting their metadata capturing system, the system that captures all electronic communication of every single American and puts it into a stored database, is continually used as a research library for unnamed federal agents to scour (without search warrants) for the private documents of American citizens.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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