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Letter #22, 2022, Wednesday, February 2, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Once again the good Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who turned 81 on January 16, has written a searing, even emotional, appeal to his fellow bishops and to the world to have a full and open scientific assessment of the current epidemic and the vaccinations proposed and imposed to confront the disease. The issue at its heart seems to be the one of scientific transparency. Viganò is as a pastor concerned for the health of children, first of all, because they are the future, and then for the common good of all society in the face of the many grave challenges before us. What seems to be the center of his thought is the necessity for an open, complete and rigorous evaluation of the pros and cons of the various treatments, vaccinations, lockdown measures, mask use, etc., in order that we do not choose any policy which will we later regret as time reveals negative consequences that we neglected to take into consideration. In this sense, despite his emotional language, the essence of the archbishop’s thought is to appeal to science and reason at the highest possible level and at the greatest degree of transparency in order to assure the common good now and in decades to come. These have become emotional and divisive matters. But it is essential for us to face them. It is not simply a matter of “conspiracy theories,” but a matter of honesty. What Viganò is really calling for is a full, transparent study of the data and this is a rational and scientific attitude. When he writes that the U.S. bishops and the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued policy statements on the pandemic and the vaccines “without taking even the slightest account of the serious critiques of the so-called vaccines, both in terms of their production as well as their demonstrated ineffectiveness, the weakness of the immune system that they induce, and finally the serious side effects they entail,” what he is really saying is that there is a need for more science, not less.

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