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The Vaccine Passport Scheme Goes National One QR Code At A Time by Jesse Smith

The threat of being required to carry a vaccine passport to participate in society is continuing to spread rapidly like an undiagnosed cancerous tumor. It has already taken hold in countries such as Italy, France, and Australia. These de facto digital ID systems threaten to enslave us all. When fully implemented you’ll no longer be able to travel freely, purchase goods and services, or access many public spaces without one. Though the passports or certificates (as they are sometimes called) may initially only contain vaccination and health records, in the future they will be expanded to include vital private information as explained in part five of the Beware the Vaccine series: …the plan is to roll out a full-fledged digital ID (ID2020) which would contain driver’s licenses, passports, work badges, building access cards, debit and credit cards, transit passes, and more. ~ Jesse Smith. Until recently, implementation of vaccine passports moved slowly in the U.S. with only New York and California requiring usage. All of this has rapidly changed as many more states have begun to thrust them upon their citizens such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, Louisiana, and even Washington D.C. The commonality is that they all use an open-source platform called the “SMART Health Card” which can be adopted by any state or municipality. Already available from over 400 sources, the SMART Health Card is paving the way to full-fledged digital identity initiated by Bill Gates’ GAVI, the Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, and Microsoft with the ID2020 agenda. The SMART Health card also has a direct connection to the World Economic Forum’s Common Project Foundation/Commons Pass initiative.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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