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Super-Inflation Coming by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Man without God makes finance Hell on earth.
Our one and only hope is Christ’s re-birth.
We adapt here, and abbreviate, more precious truth-telling from the website of Doug Casey: “Here’s why the money-printing won’t stop.” Question: The US government has printed more money recently than it has for its nearly 250-year existence. Does the US government have any alternative to printing more and more money? Answer: The question is, what will the Fed do when it can no longer pretend that inflation is under control? The Fed has already printed trillions so that much higher inflation is already baked into the cake. The question is how the Fed will respond to inflation out of control. Either 1) it keeps printing trillions and lets inflation skyrocket, ensuring that the dollar finishes by losing all value, or 2) it tightens monetary policy by cutting Government spending, and watches the markets crash, including the stock market. When faced with such a choice, politicians usually choose the easy option, in this case to keep printing money. For indeed, decisions to cut spending have often become politically impossible, so that the US government already has the certain prospect of endless multi-trillion dollar deficits that ever-increasing money printing alone can finance. Thus a conservative estimate of the budget deficit between now and 2031 will be close to $20 trillion, and that is a deficit which the Fed’s printing presses alone can pay.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
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