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Most Americans Don’t Want War With Russia. Where Are Progressives? by Lee Harris

Anti-war politicians have become willing to criticize failed adventurism in the Middle East. They’re more reluctant to pump the brakes on Ukraine. A new Data for Progress poll shared exclusively with the Prospect finds that the majority of Americans favor diplomacy with Russia over sanctions or going to war for Ukrainian sovereignty. Most Americans are not particularly animated about the escalating conflict in Eastern Europe, the poll shows, despite round-the-clock media coverage. When asked, 71 percent of Democrats and 46 percent of Republicans said they support the U.S. striking a diplomatic deal with Russia. They agreed that in the effort to de-escalate tensions and avoid war, the U.S. should be prepared to make concessions. It’s the latest poll showing that Americans are skeptical of the drumbeat of news casting Ukraine as a vital national interest. The findings are echoed in surveys by Morning Consult and YouGov. Notwithstanding lukewarm public sentiment for escalation, the White House is signaling its intent to impose sweeping sanctions on the Russian banking and energy sectors, and has approved a rush of U.S.-made weapons to Ukraine. A bipartisan push for economic penalties is also moving rapidly through Congress.

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