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First Wave Of Canadian Freedom Convoy Arrives In Ottawa by Sundance (Text and Videos)

Jumpin’ Ju-Ju Bones, we shall have to dust off the happy dance shoes. The wrong thinking “fringe minority” have raised over $7.5 million [LINK] in support of their trucker Freedom Convoy. The Canadian freedom movement is representing very well. As the first wave of the convoy rolls into Ottawa, we start the update with the patriotic voice of fellow Canadian and friend of the Treehouse, Mark Steyn. Out in front of parliament on Friday night. Truckers have parked on the road blocking all lanes going for countless blocks on Wellington St. No pushback from Ottawa Police, who are helping to direct traffic around the massive blockade. Canadian truckers near Parliament Hill in Owatta blare their honks in protest of the government’s Covid restrictions.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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