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Here’s Why Rising Food Prices Are Here To Stay by Simon Black

On the morning of October 5, 1789, dozens of women were looking for food at an outdoor market in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine neighborhood of Paris. But the store shelves were nearly empty. Bread in particular– a staple of the French diet– was in critically short supply. And what little bread the shops did have available was being sold for sky-high prices. This was nothing new for French peasants; the government had mismanaged the economy so poorly that food supplies had been falling (and bread prices rising) for several years. There had even been food riots and protests going back more than a decade to the mid 1770s. But the situation only worsened. People finally reached their breaking point that October morning in 1789, when a single young woman standing in corner of the marketplace began beating a drum, signaling the other women that it was time for another protest.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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