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Shot Goblin Fauci Says Kids 6 Months To 4-Years-Old Will Get Three Shot Series After Political Approval by Sundance

The official U.S. shot goblin, Anthony Fauci, announced earlier today, kids 6 months to 4 years-old will receive a three-dose vaccine schedule as soon as the political operatives in the FDA come to an agreement with the multinational pharmaceutical companies. However, other than the most entrenched Branch Covidians, who are willing to subject all of their children to the experimental drugs and gas station sushi, a wider effort might run into a much more skeptical American population. The increased skepticism, some would say ‘awakening’ over the vaccine intent and efficacy, is highlighted by the reluctance of the previously vaccinated population to take a booster shot. The shot goblin really, really, really wants those kids jabbed. It is very important to him. However, the vaccination effort overall is now starting to raise eyebrows.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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