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US Nearly Wiped Out Tens Of Thousands Of Civilians With Dam Strike In Syria by RT

The military then dismissed reports of the bombing as “crazy” and preemptively blamed ISIS. In 2017, the US bombed a piece of strategic infrastructure in Syria, the Tabqa Dam on the Euphrates River, despite it being on a no-strike list, the New York Times reported. A B-52 bomber dropped some of the heaviest weapons in the US Air Force arsenal on the target, including at least one BLU-109 bunker buster, which is designed to destroy fortified concrete targets. This bomb pierced through five stories in one of the dam’s towers, but didn’t explode. If the Soviet-designed earth-and-concrete structure had failed, tens of thousands of people living in a valley below would likely have died. The dam wasn’t immediately destroyed, but damage to its equipment rendered it inoperational and at risk of overflowing. An unprecedented truce involving the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), US-backed forces on the ground, and Syrian government forces was hastlily struck with Russia’s help to allow a crane controlling emergency floodgates to be repaired.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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