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ACH Archive (1497) Bishop Richard Williamson – God Is Not Mocked! by ACHitchcock (Audio 1:03:11)

In today’s special ACH Archive show, which was originally broadcast on April 20 2021, Andy is joined by Bishop Richard Williamson, for a show entitled, “God Is Not Mocked!” We discussed: why in today’s world man’s will counts for everything and God’s Will counts for nothing; the concept of subjectivism; the myth of sexual equality; why men have to suffer in order to learn; Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump; why freedom of religion actually means freedom from religion; the decadence of American Liberalism; the importance of self-discipline; the bravery of Archbishop Vigano; how to withstand the push to get the vaccine; why we need to discard the mainstream media; how pride makes people stupid; the wicked men in the public eye who are controlled by the wicked men behind the scenes; why prayer is the only thing we have left that we can still depend on; and many other topics.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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