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6,000,000 Debunked In 3 Minutes And 35 Seconds by David Irving (3:35)

6,000,000 Debunked In 3 Minutes And 35 Seconds by David Irving (3:35)
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From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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  1. Heard some of these dacts from an actual jew or hebrew who was curious and visited the co-called gas chambers.He wrote a book,I think.He said the propaganda was b.s. That yes,conditions were inhumane and horrible,but most pows were slave labor,servants,or used for horrible medical experiments.Most victims were mongol kazharians,NOT SEMITIC SEPHARDIC G.D LOVING HEBREWS WHO GO TO TEMPLE.This whole b.s. Story was contrived and the actions planned by the R.childs and co. To accrue deep workdwide sympathy for the poor fakejews so as to push the True Emites,the Palestinians off ancestral land.R.child began buying land in Israel area back during 1880s and created a commune.Pioneers of this neozionism revolted against the tightgrip of r.child.Hitler,Stalin,Lenin,bolshevicks were genocidal Kazharians,NOT JEWS AND BARELY henrymakow.c

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