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“Resistance” 2022 by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Than blind obedience, faith that sees is greater.
The time for obedience to return is later.
But does not Pope (or at least seeming Pope) Bergoglio show a special benevolence towards the Society of St Pius X? That, says Archbishop Viganò (once Number 11 inside the Vatican), is only trickery on his part to lure the Society into abandoning that juridical status of independence from the official hierarchy of the Church which Archbishop Lefebvre so carefully ensured for his Society, but which its present leaders still seem to want to exchange for full official acceptance by the Church’s apparent Authority. Yet at this very moment those leaders must be admitting that it is only the Society’s unofficial status which protects it from the sledgehammer of Traditionis Custodes, now smashing all other Traditional communities which strive to preserve the true Mass but which still want to respect these Romans’ Truth-less Authority.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
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