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Alert: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training For PreK-Adults Already Global With Billions In Funding For Full Control – Part 2: Programming by Corey Lynn

Much like the world of eugenics, changing their phrasing each decade to disguise their true intentions while carrying out the same agenda, and glamouring it up with each change – the world of education is much the same. Various “mental health” and “behavioral” programs in schools are all leading down the same path, they just keep repackaging their PR campaign to make it more palatable to parents and policymakers. But this one is the doozy – it’s the globalists’ doorway into the minds of millions. For decades they’ve been indoctrinating children, only now, they are going all in with the entire family and community for a full blown indoctrination, obedience training system, whereby the parents assist with the brainwashing of their own children, and they are stepping it up to incorporate virtual and augmented reality to ensure they have all control mechanisms in place. In part 1: Introduction, it explained what this overall agenda is about. It is vital to read part 1 before jumping into part 2, as it explains how this is a global obedience training agenda for the entire population and is already operating in 110 countries.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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